Safe and Inclusive Border betwen Slovakia and Ukraine (SIBSU)

About project:

Sharing just 97 km of border, the two countries are good neighbors and trustful friends. To continue good relations between Slovakia and Ukraine, the contact points for mutual learning and cooperation is needed. This is why the SIBSU project is being implemented and will bring the engagement among authorities, local communities and experts on both sides of the border. It aim’ss to spark new partnerships and continued efforts in the field of cooperation – a good border cooperation and management which will be vital in elaborating on a viable future of the EU accession process for the Ukraine.

The primary objective of the project is to establish and facilitate the transfer of knowledge and reciprocation of the best practices between the border police and customs services of Slovakia and Ukraine in order to explore prospects for the deepening of the integrated border management and expand the understanding and public awareness of the current activities undertaken by the border services in the bordering regions and municipalities of Slovakia and Ukraine. It will also serve as knowledge exchange in regard to the impact of the border on the socio-economic development of border regions as well as opportunities for cross-border cooperation between local and regional policy and decision-makers on both sides of the border.

     8 activities of the SIBSU project will be structured into the following 3 main project areas:

A) Safe border

  1. Thematic workshops and manuals for representatives of the border and custom administration on both sides of the border
  2. Fellowships for Slovak (in Ukraine) and Ukrainian (in Slovakia) officials and a study visit (mixed group) to Norway
  3. “Short Talks”- crisis communication courses for representatives of border and custom administration on both sides of the border
  4. Language crash courses: Ukrainian language courses for Slovaks, Slovak courses for Ukrainians

B) Inclusive border

  1. Project conferences, website/social accounts, public lectures, interviews for regional and local media and study trips for journalists to the border
  2. Joint workshops of border and custom administration from both sides of the borders with local and regional representatives in bordering regions

C) Cooperative border

  1. Transfer of knowledge for improving the planning of cross-border cooperation – expert material for policy and decision makers at local, regional and national level, conference to share the findings and public officials networking
  2. Capacity building by preparing experts in Slovakia and Ukraine on cross-border cooperation

The bilateral agreements, which regulate cooperation between border police and customs authorities of both countries are in line with the Schengen acquis of the EU.


Opening conference, March 30,2021 (FB event)